Rendering by   Ralph Appelbaum Associates

Rendering by Ralph Appelbaum Associates

The Education Center at The Wall will be an interactive learning facility on the National Mall where our military heroes' stories and sacrifice will never be forgotten. VVMF is raising the approximately $130 million to have it built.

More than 60% of the U.S. population was not alive during the Vietnam War.  Now, more than ever, we need to educate younger generations about the significance of the Vietnam Era and the important role that The Wall played in the history of our nation .

The Education Center at The Wall will: 

  • Put a face to every one of the more than 58,000 names listed on The Wall and help ensure that the Memorial will continue to speak about the importance of honoring our veterans and remembering those who died serving their country.
  • Share some of the hundreds of thousands of objects left at The Wall by families, military comrades, and others over more than three decades.
  • Provide a historical account of the events that took place on the battlefield and the home front during the Vietnam Era.
  • Tell the story of how The Wall became a site of individual grief and public mourning in the years following a painful and divisive war. 
  • Include voices of veterans who returned to tell us their stories and preserve memories of those who did not.  



With each passing day, we lose more Vietnam veterans. Their stories must be preserved and told now so that future generations never forget the lessons of the Vietnam era.

Just like when we built The Wall, there can be no government funding to build the Education Center. It will take $130 million dollars to make the Education Center a reality.

Help us achieve our goal to educate all generations about the lasting impact of the war. 

Gifts large and small are needed to help build the Center. DONATE NOW



The Education Center at The Wall will be located directly across the street from Vietnam Veterans Memorial and adjacent to the Lincoln Memorial.  


The Education Center at The Wall was designed by the world–renowned firms, Ennead Architects and Ralph Appelbaum Associates.

The Educational content of the Center is generated and reviewed by the Education Center Content Advisory Committee.  Learn more.